Development/Design Fund Program

About the Program
The Community Design Center Rochester (CDCR) advocates for the value of good design, planning and public policy to support more livable and sustainable communities in the Rochester region. Though the Development/Design Fund program, we provide funding and technical assistance to help community-based organizations hire and work with architectural and planning consultants at the early stages of community revitalization projects. The purpose of the Development/Design Fund is to improve the quality of revitalization efforts in challenged areas of our city. 

These grants support a wide range of projects, and maintain an emphasis on implementation of existing plans and projects that have already gained some community participation. However, it also supports new planning initiatives where needed. 

The Development/Design Fund will support planning, design and early-action funding for projects that need professional consultants (architects, landscape architects, planners, environmental engineers), to perform pre-development work such as architectural drawings, schematics, conceptual designs, condition reports, feasibility studies and budgets. Project types might include: buildings and sites, neighborhood planning, blight remediation, greening and sustainability initiatives, streetscapes, landscape design, development of design guidelines.

Grants are awarded through a competitive application process. CDCR staff assists with developing a scope of work and a Request for Proposals (RFP), interviewing and selecting a consultant, and working with that consultant throughout the life of your project. Once you receive a grant, the CDCR Development/Design Fund Committee is also available to provide design review and general insight into your project.

When a project involves specific real estate development, as opposed to community planning, assistance is typically provided as a “recoverable grant.”  If your project moves ahead to construction, the Development/Design Fund grant is to be repaid (without interest) from construction financing sources. This enables the CDCR to re-use the funds to support other vital community projects.  If the project proves to be unfeasible, the funding can be forgiven.


Application Period Status: Closed

Anticipated Upcoming Cycle: To be determined

For a detailed description of the Development/Design Fund process, please click Here