Development/Design Fund Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Development/Design Fund? 
Though the Development/Design Fund program, we provide funding and technical assistance to help community-based organizations hire and work with architectural and planning consultants at the early stages of community revitalization projects. The purpose of the Development/Design Fund is to improve the quality of revitalization efforts in challenged areas of our city. 

How much can we request? 
You can request up to $15,000 for pre-development funding. Grants amounts will vary with the size and scope of each individual project. It may be possible that your organization is awarded a grant that is less than what you have requested. This will be decided by the Development/Design Fund Committee based on your requested funding and your projects size and scope. 

What is a Recoverable Grant? 
If your project is determined feasible and moves ahead to construction, the Development/Design funds are to be repaid (without interest) from construction financing sources. As part of the project agreement your organization will agree to include the pre-development funding into the budget for the construction and return it to the CDCR. This enables the CDCR to re-use the funds to support other vital community projects.

The advantage of the Development/Design Fund is that it will better equip groups to acquire support, construction financing and have a well thought out direction for project. Additionally, if your project proves to be unfeasible, the funding can be forgiven as a grant, saving you from investing time and money into a project that will likely not be successful.

Can anyone apply for a grant to help my community? 
No, we only offer grants to community-based organizations that are registered 501c3 non-profits. In the event that your organization is not a 501c3 or you are a private property owner, we encourage you to partner with a local 501c3 organization. Certain situations may allow for a non-501c3 organization (ex. 501c6, business association) to apply for a grant provided that you have a 501c3 sponsor your organization as a fiduciary.  

How do I apply for a grant?

  1. Review the Development/Design Fund program description to determine if your project is eligible and check to see when the next application period is open.
  2. Contact Aaron M. Lehman, the Program Coordinator at design@rrcdc.org or 585.271.0520 to discuss your project prior to completing the application.
  3. Schedule a site visit with Aaron M. Lehman.
  4. Download application form and submit it with all attachments as 1 PDF via email todesign@rrcdc.org.

For more information or technical assistance with the Development/Design Fund please contact Aaron M. Lehman at design@rrcdc.org or 585.271.0520

When are the funding cycles? 
The Development/Design Fund program awards grants biannually in spring and fall cycles. Please check our website for upcoming dates for the competitive application period.

Who should I contact for more information? 
Aaron M. Lehman, the Program Coordinator at design@rrcdc.org or 585.271.0520.